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January 27, 2017  

On this edition of The Rational Animals Podcast, Kirk discusses the concept of free speech. Is it okay to assault someone that you disagree with, or someone you think holds horrific views? Why did the Founders only prohibit government from abridging free speech? Kirk also discusses a misconception about the Citizen United SCOTUS case. Dave discusses the concept of trade, and how people falsely view participants in transactions as winners and losers. Look up The Rational Animals Podcast on iTunes and your Podcast App and subscribe! 

January 13, 2017  

This week Ben Levine joins the Rational Animals to discuss various misconceptions surrounding Israel’s history. Is Israel a legitimate state? Did the United Nations create Israel as a safe haven for Jewish people following the Holocaust? Did the Israelis steal their land from the Palestinians? But first, Kirk wants to revisit his billion dollar idea from episode 55. Look up the Rational Animals Podcast on iTunes and your Podcast app and subscribe!